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Environmental Impact

2009, Tidewalker engaged in discussions with regulators and stakeholders after the submittal of preliminary application document (PAD) was filed in FERC in March 2009. Two public hearings were convened in Eastport by FERC in June 2009. Subsequent comments were filed on the FERC e-library site during August 2009 which was followed by comments from Tidewalker outlining a proposed change in the mode of operation.

In November 2009, FERC made a decision to terminate the integrated licensing process (ILP) while still allowing for a revised license application under the alternative or traditional FERC licensing process. Tidewalker thinks that the decision to terminate ILP proceedings was due to the changes proposed in the mode of operation and to our own deficiencies in complying with FERC content guidelines.

Information on the FERC regulatory history of the Half-Moon Cove project is available on the FERC site ( and proceeding to the e-library and performing a search on Project No. (P-12704). Additional information on environmental impacts appears on this web site at the tab identified as “project information”.

For the case of hydro-kinetic devices, results from research work in European countries will provide valuable information for addressing environmental impacts. Based on a preliminary assessment, the generation of acoustic waves from hydro-kinetic devices seems to pose as the most significant environmental concerns other than the injury risk of marine species that are attracted or drawn into the turbulence created by rotating blades. The loss of fishing grounds through the establishment of exclusion zones is another impact associated with the development of tidal power in Cobscook Bay.

Stakeholder Comments from 2009 PAD Review Considered in New PAD

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